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Bomfords has always been part of my life.

As far as I can remember logistics has always been part of my life, as a child I would await the return of my dad (Neil Bomford) after weeks away driving across the UK & Europe, Upon his return I would be allowed to climb in the cab and would be in bewildered ore sitting behind the huge steering wheel feet hanging far from the pedal, soon enough I would passenger on short trips onto longer days then nights away sometimes into Europe which as 12 year old never being abroad was like a trip to the moon and back.

As Neil Bomfords Haulage Contractors (as it was then) grew year on year it’s became our family’s life not work, I knew soon before leaving school that whilst driving was adventurous I felt the requirement that my future role in road haulage would not be driving! I went on to college studying for a diploma in business and finance, whilst working weekends washing trucks and trailers and week nights for MOT preparation this eventually led to helping the maintenance team and as finished college my first role was inevitably within the vehicle workshop.

Three years gaining a hands on I in depth knowledge of vehicle mechanics whilst also become qualified to City & Guilds standards as a motor vehicle technician.

At 21 my HGV licence beckoned and the lure of the open road takes me into the next chapter three years tramping around the UK and another three on day work gave me knowledge and experience that would become so valuable.

After my day shifts I would stay back at the office with the transport planners and would watch and learn and help with the daily problems now faced as modern logistics as we know it today was born.

With the new trading name of Neil Bomford Haulage a 50+ strong fleet of trucks a newly built warehouse an opening for a new transport planner came and I was confident with my grass roots experience that it was right move to further my career.

Soon after I gained my CPC qualification and with the company growing swiftly, I found myself not working for my father but working with the family businesses to grow its full potential, taking me more into the management and decision making processes.

The proudest part in all my roles is the successful tendering, organising and distribution of the worlds best selling books many under very tight security embargo!

The supply of special request and service critical distribution still drives me everyday.

Fast forward to 2018. my Mother already retired and my Father not far behind it was apparent that the growth was going to slow and we had to think more of sustainability for the loyal staff and the companies future growth, during this process one of the ideas was outside investment to help us take the business forward which manifested into the “eventual” sale to Howell Gordon.

After meeting with Ian Howell before the sale it was clear that the loyal staff and service our clients are accustomed were only to benefit, with the added peace of mind my parents could retire without any worry, I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome for my parentage and all the staff whom I also see as my family.

Myself I am immensely proud of how far the Neil Bomford Haulage has grown and for my part in its growth. After having to write a CV for Ian for the first time, I

find myself now Commercial & Operations Director doing a job I love for a company I adore with people who are passionate for the future of the now Bomfords Group.

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