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Celebrating 16 years at Bomfords Group.

As we kick off the new year it’s often a good time to reflect on past milestones and indeed on the year ahead. We are now approaching 16 years since the acquisition of our pallet network business from Spandler Brothers in Great Yarmouth, which is when I moved over with the business to what was then Neil Bomford Haulage. Since then our pallet operation has grown significantly and represents a substantial part of the group turnover. Under new ownership Bomfords Group is investing heavily in the business and driving our growth plans forward with an even greater passion than was seen in previous years. The core DNA of Bomfords Group remains unchanged – we are a business built on solid foundations, supported by a fantastic team committed to delivering a high-quality and cost effective service to our clients. I have always believed that you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors – our USP is developing a deep understanding of our clients requirements and their customer needs. Only when you understand your clients can you deliver great service. Drop me an email: and see what hashtag#TeamBomfords can do for you in 2020?

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